Thursday, November 8, 2007

but were they chocolate chip?

Kids, don't do drugs. Just don't. For one, they're bad for you...they make your teeth fall out, make you smell bad, give you diseases, and eventually kill you. For another, you could end up a victim of your favorite snack food.
An Illinois student found out the hard way. First, two men to which he owed money for marijuana broke into his home and demanded $400. Then, they beat him with a paddle, poured urine on him, shaved his head...and burned him with freshly-baked cookies. Yep.
So, again, kids, don't do drugs--or you, too, could end up the victim of a widely mocked torture session.
Oh, another reason not to do drugs--it's expensive. Inflation has trickled down to the drug trade, according to border officials. Save your money for an iPhone. MySpace may be addictive, but it's still legal, with none of the nasty anti-hygienic side effects of drugs.

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