Saturday, November 24, 2007

a surreal feeling

So, I've been reading this new book, Author 101. It's exactly what I need...telling me how to effectively market my book, now that it's being published. Most books out there only tell you how to get published.
The book focuses a lot on media, and tells you to make a "media list," divided into subgroups A, B, and C. C is your local newspapers, B is media organizations which cover a large area, and A is, well, Oprah.
I begin my list, collect phone numbers for all the local media, some for the B list...and then I stop. And I think. Why am I shooting so low? Well, because I have a better shot at the C and B listers, that's why. Yeah, that's great. But explain to me again why I'm not calling Oprah?
To make a long story short, the reason for my heading is that I now have a listing in my cell phone entitled "Oprah". Yeah, I know it's not exactly her private line, but it still makes me feel pretty weird. And a little scared, too. But come to think of it, there's never been a "big" moment in this process where I haven't been scared. And so far, it's worked out for the best. I have to keep telling myself, what's the worst they're going to say? No? I've heard that one before. The word is becoming less and less impressive.
To dawdle a little ways from the main storyline...I tell everyone that almost every job I've ever gotten, I've gotten through sheer harassment. When someone is calling you every single week to check in and see if you've read the resume and if you have any questions, sooner or later you're going to either a) call the cops, or b) bring them in for an interview, just so they'll quit filling up your voicemail box. Usually, I end up with b), mainly, I think, since I'm very polite and sound like I'm twelve, and they might be afraid to make me cry.
Hereto and forthwith, I am applying that to interviews. The Today Show, Oprah...I'm going to call them all. Repeatedly. And with gusto. I'm not giving up till I hear an absolute, positive, without-a-shadow-of-a-waffle no. And even then, they'll be hearing from me for my next book.
Chicago, here I come.

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