Sunday, June 29, 2008

two words...SOLD OUT!

I had an amusing conversation with my husband on Saturday afternoon around 2:30:

Jackie: Hi!
Martin: Hi! How's the signing going? (note: My signing at the Lancaster Borders was scheduled from 1-3 pm)
J: Oh, well, I'm leaving now.
M: What!? Why?
J: Well, I sold out.
M: (several moments of silence) Really?
J: Yes, really!
M: That's @#*$@#& great!
J: Yeah, I'm pretty stoked myself. Oh, and this guy asked me out for tonight. That's okay with you, right?
M: (stonily) I do own guns, you know.

Obviously, Lancaster was a hit. I sold every copy of my book the store had ordered in an hour and a half. Met some very interesting people, some more "interesting" than others, proved that I still got it goin' on in more ways than one, and just generally had a great time with Danny and Michael, my official entourage for the weekend.

I love Lancaster!

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Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny!

Karen Syed