Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book Review: Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer (Spoiler Alert!)

Breaking Dawn Review

I know it’s been a week since I promised my review of Breaking Dawn, but I like to read books like this twice before I submit my final responses. Actually, I read it two-and-a-half times. Yes, I know, I’m sick in the head.
As an avid fan of the series, I was not disappointed by Meyer’s fourth and final installation in the Twilight series. I was surprised by a number of the plot twists, but certainly not disappointed.
Some people seemed to feel this book was out of character with the rest of the series; I disagree. The primary themes that weave themselves through the books are still strong in Breaking Dawn; just represented differently. As usual, Bella finds herself torn in two different directions, fighting for the ones she loves, and preparing herself for the possibility of those loved ones slipping away from her. The only difference is that now, her decisions yield a crop of new and powerful weapons for her to draw upon. For once, Bella finds herself the hero, rather than the victim, of the tale. And, of course, woven over, under and through each thread of the story, is Bella and Edward’s timeless love for each other.
My favorite parts: (spoiler alert!)
The wedding: Meyer captured the emotion of this so well, I found myself reminiscing about my own wedding, thinking, “My God, she’s got it! That’s exactly what it feels like!” Except, of course, I didn’t marry a vampire.
The change: Bella’s transition to vampire life made me want to crow with triumph. Finally! All she’s ever wanted, even things which had nothing to do with Edward, delivered in one glorious sparkling package. Again, the emotion of this section was beautifully, beautifully captured.
My not-so-favorite parts:
Jacob’s narration: This is purely personal. I know it was a necessary evil, and telling this portion from his point of view gave the perspective of the story a better dimensional quality. But he irritates the liver out of me. Can’t help it; you’ll never see me wearing any “Team Jacob” tees.
The final conflict: A little too up and down. It’s not okay, oh, wait, it’s okay, no, wait, it’s not okay again, oh, hey, changed our minds, whoops, decided you’re going to die, oh, look, it’s Alice!—I felt trapped in some kind of ADD literary nightmare. The whole time, I was thinking, OMG, go away already! But, when they finally did, it was all worth it.

Even taking into consideration my few gripes, this book is one of my new favorites, and sits in pride of place on my bookshelf, next to its amazing sisters.

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Twigirl13 said...

I agree with you that the book was good, but what i disagree with is Jacobs story. I really liked it and helped me understand more about Jacob..seeing as i am an edward fan. One part I found that was weird was took away some of the beella/edward relationship, which became more bella/reneesme.In all breaking dawn was an awesome book!!!