Sunday, August 31, 2008

dogs and books...what a great combo!

I did a signing and sale yesterday at Stroudfest, Stroudsburg's yearly arts and crafts festival. I had a great time, and not only because of all the wonderful people who came by and bought my books, but I also met some really great, non-human friends.

I set up a "doggy watering station" for all the thirsty canines accompanying their owners to the festival. I met dogs like Shiloh, who was up for adoption, Rex, who was going home with his new owners later that afternoon, Winnie, a huge Great Dane who could have kissed me on the lips without even standing on her toes (and was second only to a parched bulldog in the sloppy drinking contest!), but I have to say my favorite was Henry, my new best friend and infamous MilkBone mooch. And there were dozens more, whose names I don't remember, but who helped to make my day go quickly and enjoyably with lots of sloppy puppy kisses and wagging tails.

So, thanks to all the owners who brought their "babies" over to make my day yesterday. Hope to see you at my next event!

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