Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Hollow (Book Two of the Sign of Seven Trilogy) by Nora Roberts

The Hollow (Book Two in the Sign of Seven trilogy), by Nora Roberts
What Happens: Layla, another newcomer to the Hollow, explores her very personal connection to the malignant happenings intensifying around her—and her feelings for Fox, one of the men who’s spent his life protecting the town from a demon. Meanwhile, Cal, Quinn, Gage and Cybil continue delving into the past to divine their future.
Why I Picked It Up: Roberts hooked me with the first book in the trilogy, Blood Brothers.
What I Liked: The second book was like watching an artist fill in their charcoal outlining with watercolor; the story began to bloom. And even those characters who weren’t necessarily the focus of this book began to take on more life.
What I Didn’t: Layla gets on my nerves. For real.
What Was Different: My answer to this is similar to the last one; the interesting mix of themes and personalities.
Overall: Me gusta. Four and a half Cheez-Its out of five.

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