Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ever since being “assigned” this blog topic, I’ve had that stupid song, “You Are My Sunshine,” playing in my head. Of course, I don’t know all the words (are there even any more words?), so all I’m hearing is, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happeeeee, when skies are grey, you’ll never know deeeear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine awaaaaay.” Cute, right? Sing that about fifty times back to back in an annoying squeaky little kid’s voice, and see how cute it is. Blech.
Of course, part of this is because sunshine has become such a touchy topic here in the Poconos. Sunshine is great; it’s warm and bright and cheerful. However, when you radiate sunshine onto a canopy of white snow, you get watery eyes and possibly permanently damaged retinas.
Sorry, I’m bitter. I miss summer.

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