Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thomas Crapper Day

Today is Thomas Crapper Day, the day we celebrate the man who gave us the gift of warm, indoor toilet seats.
Or…did he? (Warning—Cover-up exposure imminent!)
See, Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the flush toilet. He improved the design, and held nine patents in various flush-toilet mechanisms, but he did not, as most people think, invent the flush toilet. He was just a guy who had a sweet business opportunity fall in his lap (Prince Edward hired him to update his Sandringham home with modern plumbing throughout) and capitalized on it.
In the years following, he became a “toilet advocate,” stressing the sanitary benefits of the toilet, and inventing the concept of a showroom.
Another interesting fact: many people believe that the word “crap” came about because of Thomas Crapper’s involvement with the toilet. However, the word was in use for years before his arrival in the plumbing world.
So, when you flush today, say a little thank you to Mr. Crapper; without his work, you might still be dusting lime down the opening of your outhouse.

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