Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yeah, It's Real

Dear Diary,

Wow, what a week.

First, I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that this is not a hallucination or joke television episode. This is real. I am really on another planet, I’m really speaking a language other than English, and I really look like this. But it’s not all bad, weirdly enough. I’ve stopped freaking out every time a crazy-looking woodland creature jumps out on the path (although freaking isn’t exactly an overreaction, since the first creature I met was the draek, which is this absolutely disgusting creature that lures its human prey by imitating a crying child).

And I actually think I’ve made some friends; the Valforte, who are the blue guys I wrote about last time. They’re nice, they’re down to Earth, and I feel really bad for them. Because, as I found out when we stopped in a village, Halryan isn’t the only one who treats them like dirt. Shame, because I haven’t met a single one of ‘my’ people (Andrians, I guess they’re called) worth the breath insulting them would cost. I understand now why the Valforte were so cautious, when they first met me, though…they probably thought I was a jerk, just like the rest of the people who look like me. But we’re getting along pretty well now. Except for Minogan, but he’s just a little strange, I think.

But now we’re back in the woods, moving on with the quest. I’m starting to get a little performance anxiety here; everyone’s still banking on the fact that I’m a sorceress, and I’m still positive I’m not.


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