Monday, March 16, 2009

People Poll

I had an experience last week I wanted to blog about. A man who owns an independent bookstore, who we’ll call Andy, contacted me on Twitter to tell me that, unless I started linking to, instead of Amazon, he would no longer be able to follow or support me. He also sent me an email, reiterating his request/demand.


My background so far with independent bookstores has not been the best. As an author, I’ve given up contacting them regarding signings, since I’m usually treated like a telemarketer and hung up on. Even Andy forgot that, when I contacted him to do a signing many moons ago, he kept putting me off, even after I mailed him a free copy of my book for his consideration. After a while, I just gave up.

Plus, I like Amazon. They take care of me. They send me my books cheaply and quickly, and if I have a problem, it’s corrected within a day.

But my opinion isn’t what matters; yours is. You’re the person who will be buying and reading my book, and so I have a question for you. I’ve put up a poll on the right, asking if you’d rather buy from an independent source or from Amazon. If I get a fair margin of people who tell me they’d prefer to buy independent, I’ll add links to my blog and website.


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nina said...

Amazon is just really cheap, easy and fast, that's why I prefer it.

If I feel like supporting independant book stores, I go to a real life one in my neighborhood

Brian H said...

I always prefer Independent Book Stores but that doesn't give that guy the right to be a Tweeg-Nozzle.

His demand is not only rude it is unrealistic.

Sounds like you should tell him where to go...

Katsnip said...

"Andy" has no right to dictate who you promote and if he wants authors and publishers to support indie bound, then shouldn't indie bound be supporting us?

Just had this talk with Wanda at SIBA and this just proves the point that got me rolling.

I will support and promote ANY indie store that stocks and ships all my titles all the time like does.

I would prefer to sell through Indies, but if no indie carries our books how do we sell?

Andy has issues!!

Rose317 said...

amazon usually is better... unless you count pierce's in b-ville... usually can find just about anything there - and where else can you get a new condition hardback for $3.50? but he takes good care of you anyway. xoxo

Gayle Carline said...

In theory, I'd like to shop at indie bookstores. Actually, what I really prefer are used bookstores, but we'll leave that alone for the moment. In reality, I shop at Amazon, for several reasons:
1. I typically get a book-jones around 11 p.m. at night. Amazon is open then. As a member of Amazon Prime, I get my book in 2 days.
2. I can shop Amazon thru Goodsearch, and apply 2-4% of the sale to my son's choir.
3. I can find the book I'm looking for quickly. One-Click and I'm done!
4. There are no indie bookstores in my immediate area. If I just want to browse, there's only Borders and Barnes & Noble.

Iris Black said...

Amazon is so much more accessible nation-wide. It's also available 24/7, so when I suddenly remember the title of the book that I want, I can take myself right on over.