Monday, March 23, 2009

These pets of mine

While reading Iris’s blog last week, I realized something. I talk about my pets an awful lot, but I’ve never formally introduced them. So, for those of you who care:

Sirius: Our 2 ½ year old shepherd/lab/pit bull mix. He suffers from an excess of joie de vivre, and if he had a motto it would be “full speed ahead.” He loves his squeaky ball, hiking, meeting new people and dogs, and the gourmet peanut butter bakery bones from Pride & Passion in town. He hates having his toenails clipped and Mommy’s horn from St. Patty’s Day.

Neville: A seven-year-old domestic shorthair, I found him as a six-week-old kitten under a car in the parking lot of the vet I used to work for. I truly believe he is the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte. This cat knows what he wants, and goes for it. When he was still tiny, we tried to lock him out of the bedroom at night; he bodyslammed the door repeatedly until he popped the lock. He also once took a headlong dive into my husband’s cereal bowl (which was propped in his lap) to snatch a Reese’s Puff. Loves food, and anything that resembles the worship he feels he deserves; he also enjoys terrorizing my other cat, Hermione.

Hermione: About six years old, we think; we rescued her off the street, after the crackheads evicted from the house next door tossed her out. We’re pretty sure she sustained some brain damage through abuse in her former home; she’s never been quite right. The purest soul I’ve ever met, but with some serious balance issues. Last year, she fell off a dresser and broke her leg—fell off as in forgot to stop walking at the edge. Loves catnip and bedtime, when she gets to snuggle with her humans in bed.
Well, that’s the crew. Hope you enjoyed getting to know them!

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Mary Cunningham said...

What a blessing that you've chosen to rescue animals that have been abandoned.

They all look so sweet. Good luck with Hermoine. Poor thing. Hope she doesn't break anything else!


Iris Black said...

Nice to finally meet the creatures that you are so fond of! Glad the rescues have found a happy home!