Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At Last...

Dear Diary,
“Happiness” is such a limiting word. “Elation,” “ecstasy,”…I could go through the whole thesaurus (if I had one) and not find a word to even approach what I’m feeling right now.

Koen and I are together. He came and found me after the whole Halryan debacle last week and, well, things went from there.

He’s felt about me the same way I’ve been feeling, but the whole societal separation thing kept him from telling me how he felt. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have believed a line like that, but a) it’s Koen, he doesn’t lie, and b) we both got cornered directly after we “came out,” for a lecture on how dangerous our relationship is—for Koen especially.

That knocked me for a loop and made me reconsider everything, but Koen refused to let me back out, and told me I was more important than the threat of—well, let’s not talk about it.

Am I weak and selfish for believing him, for continuing to be with him, when the
consequences could be so severe? Is it naïve to keep thinking, even after all this time and everything we’ve been through, that love could really conquer all?


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1 comment:

Regan Black said...

Love does conquer all - hang in there June!