Thursday, April 16, 2009

Campaigning for JoJo

Since nothing I read this week impressed me, I decided to write about an ambitious project I've taken on--trying to convince my husband that we have the room for another dog.

I have a very specific dog in mind. The picture to the left is of JoJo, a 45 lb shepherd mix I found on, who's currently in the care of a local shelter. She's a beautiful girl, but the description is what got me:

"We have had Jo Jo for a few months she has sadly been overlooked and she is really a great dog. She so needs to find her forever home. Jo-Jo, a confident, enthusiastic, playful, smart, 1 year old. She is a shepard mix but we think she may have some Shar-Pei in her as well do to her body shape. We can only guess by looking at her as we do not know her parents. . She is knee-high and approx 45 lbs. Jo-Jo loves people. She is very intelligent and energetic. She is in a kennel now, but she does have crate-experience, and would probably crate-train easily. Jo-Jo loves the water...LOVES it. She loves other dogs too, but unless they are also active and love to play they become annoyed with her. Jo-Jo is an absolute sweetheart! Jo-Jo would enjoy an active lifestyle. Need a buddy to bike, hike, or run with? Jo-Jo's your girl! "

I don't know how much more perfect she could be for us. We're very active; Martin walks Sirius every morning, our usual weekends involve a hike to the lake, and I take Sirius for a bike ride two or more times a week. Playful, but might annoy other dogs? Sirius annoys every dog he meets with his enthusiasm. The two of them could just annoy each other and collapse in a happy pile at the end of the day.

This is how it's gone so far:

Me: There's an adoption crisis going on. People are having to give their pets up because of foreclosures; the shelters are overwhelmed. We're in a very stable situation, employment-wise. We're used to a high-energy dog.
M: We don't have the room. (850 sq foot house and a postage stamp backyard)

Me: I really don't think the room would be an issue. Plus, think of how much Sirius is up our butts all the time. If we had another dog to concentrate his energies on, he'd be much happier. Dogs are pack animals; they need a social atmosphere. And he loves other dogs. Don't you think he'd be happier with a friend?
M: Hermione (our other cat) would be overwhelmed.

Me: Hermione lives in the bedroom and has since the day we got Sirius. That's not going to change. She's gotten somewhat used to dogs now, so I don't think it would be a problem. And he'd probably stop chasing her when she does come out if he had another animal to concentrate his energies on, one that actually liked him. And he's two years old now; we've always wanted two dogs, and if we wait until we get a bigger house, he'll be older and set in his ways
M: We don't have the room.

And on it goes. I have three or more arguments to his every one. I do think I'm making progress, but it's slow and arduous and I really just want him to say yes already. I mean, I know I'm going to win, he knows I'm going to win...why doesn't he just give it up already? *grin*.

Wish me luck, and if you have any suggestions for how to win the battle, feel free to let me know!

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Rose317 said...

Just start the application process, and see if they'll bring her over for a home visit... If he already knows he's going to cave, then ending the procrastination will be a relief to both of you. Luv ya! I'll be a reference if you need!

Regan Black said...

Dogs are like kids, if you wait till you have the room it's too late.

But dogs can be better than kids because they don't learn to talk and they always love you.

I vote for the in-person meeting, that's usually all it takes for my hubby.

Mary Cunningham said...

I agree with Rose and Regan. One visit and Jo Jo will melt his heart. She looks like such a sweetie.

Good luck!