Monday, April 13, 2009

Coolest. Car. Ever.

I think we’ve established I love my pets by this point, so it’s no surprise I’m really excited about the new version of the Element Honda just unveiled. It’s the world’s first pet-friendly car.

It features a pet bed, pet seatbelts, rear ventilation fan, built-in spill-resistant water bowl, a ramp for elderly dogs, a pop-up crate in the back seat, removable, washable seat covers—the glove compartment even converts into a pet seat, so you can keep an eye on your small dog while you drive. It’s even decorated with dog-bone floor mats and a pawprint design on the outside.

Some sources say this was just a show model, but others are saying Honda will be releasing this model sometime this fall for purchase. How cool is that?


Regan Black said...

OOOO! Can I have one too, pleeeeeeeeeeeese?


Mary Cunningham said...

I LOVE this!!! Don't have doggie right now, but it's such a great idea when you think of how vulnerable our precious pets are when riding in the car.


Alyssa Montgomery said...

Wow, that is definitely an awesome car!