Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magic Study, by Maria V. Snyder: Twenty-year-old Yelena is going home for the first time in fourteen years. The fourth magician of Sitia, Irys, has located her family deep in the jungles of Sitia. Her parents welcome her home with open arms (which is rather uncomfortable, since Yelena has no memory of them) but her brother, Leif, is mysteriously hostile.

Yelena sets off soon after meeting her family for the capitol, where she’ll continue her magical study with Irys. But on the way, she’s ambushed by Cahil Ixia, who claims he’s the rightful king of Ixia, the country where Yelena was raised.

Once she makes it to the capitol, Yelena becomes involved in the hunt for a serial killer, rumored to be one of a rare and feared type of magician, a Soul-Stealer. But politics constantly interfere, and her loyalties are questioned. Even Yelena isn’t sure; how can she choose between your birthplace and the only home she’s ever known?

I was a little apprehensive about this book, since Poison Study wrapped things up pretty nicely…where would the conflict come from? But my fears were groundless. This was yet another riveting book, and an interesting one, as we got to see Yelena make a lot more choices on her own, away from Valek’s protective gaze.

One warning, though…this is NOT a children’s book. In this and the first book, there are rather graphic descriptions of rape and other types of sexual violence. I’d say sixteen and up only.

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