Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So Passes Paul, A Psychic Octopus

Paul, the octopus who famously predicted the World Cup results, went out on a high note in his career at the ripe age of 2 ½.

The former Briton’s (he was hatched in an English aquarium) success as a soccer soothsayer made him friends and enemies worldwide. Paul received several death threats, some of simple outright violence, and some more subtle and veiled, such as recipes for calamari. On the other hand, “El Pulpo Paul,” as he was called in Spain, was named an official friend to the Spanish town of O Carballino, and the Spanish fought unsuccessfully to bring him to their country, where he would have been treated as a national hero.

But Paul stayed in his quiet tank in Oberhausen, Germany, where his talent and fame benefited his aquarium and sea life worldwide. His name will grace a sea turtle rescue center in Greece, which was partially funded by donations made on his behalf.

Soccer fans impatient to learn the results of the Cup not despair, though. Paul inspired several other animals worldwide to discover their own hidden psychic talent, most notably Dirty Harry, a saltwater crocodile who has branched out to predicting election results.

Rest in peace, Paul.

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Vivek Barun said...

Yeah... I was his big fan...