Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How little I know...

The biggest lesson I've learned thus far in 2007 has been how little I know. Take today, for example. I sprained my hip about a week and a half ago, and the doctor recommended hip strengthening exercises to keep it from happening again.
So, I go into my gym today to start easing back into working out. I'm a fairly fit individual (spontaneous granny-type injuries notwithstanding) and I know a fair bit about exercise, but I figure, what the heck, I'll ask for hip exercise recommendations. Now, the girl behind the desk is this teeny, bebopping, blonde-ponytailed little thing who looks all of twelve. I'm like, yeah, she's gonna know anything (forgetting, as I think this, that I am a teeny, bebopping, almost-blonde-ponytailed little thing who looks all of twelve). She immediately hops up and shows me a series of exercises which, in addition to actually working, completely kicked my butt.
My point is, I rely too much on my assumptions. I think just because I know something about something, I know more than the next guy. And just because this girl looks like she should be downing beer funnels in Cancun with her sorority sisters, it doesn't mean she's not an intelligent young woman who knows a heck of a lot about exercise. A heck of a lot more than me, obviously.
So, my pre-New-Year's resolution...stop assuming. Stop looking at people and thinking I know who they are, just because I see what they look like.

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