Saturday, September 15, 2007

Don't look! Sick pigeon!

I'm out with my friend Rose today, dropping info for my upcoming Creative Writing Workshop off at the Lehighton Area Memorial Library, and cruising town looking for community bulletins to put flyers up on. We're walking to my car in the parking lot of Giant, when suddenly Rose claps her hand to the side of my face, like a blinder, and shouts, "Don't look! Sick pigeon!" She, like most of my friends, knows that I have a animal rescue compulsion.
So, of course, I fight her off, and see the poor little bird huddled against the tire of a nearby car. I walk over and pick it up, and stand for a moment looking rather helpless with my hands full of pigeon before the helpful cart boy runs to get me a box.
Rose having gotten over her slight disappointment (a boxed pigeon in the back of my car means that no, we won't be going to Payless), we now embark on a grand adventure to the Carbon County Environmental Society, where we meet Rachel, the uber-friendly and sweet volunteer (and whatever energy drink she's on, I have GOT to get) who, as a token of appreciation for bringing in the pigeon, introduces us to Peggy Sue, the one-winged Saw Whet owl. Saw Whet owls are about the size of a softball, and about half of that is head and eyeballs. The look definitely worked for Peggy, though.
Just goes to show, you never know where the day will take you.

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