Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guillermo del Toro

I’m the kind of person who’s very shallow about her movies. I don’t care who wrote it, produced it or directed it, I want to see people doing interesting things for about two hours on my television. I don’t care how they got there, just keep me amused.
I have one exception to this rule: Guillermo del Toro. After watching Pan’s Labyrinth a few years back, I will watch ANYTHING with his name on it. He takes supernatural to a whole new level. I especially like watching his foreign language movies; but, yes, you have to deal with subtitles (which, FYI, are great for watching movies while eating crunchy foods—you can still follow the action!).
So far I’ve only caught two other foreign language films of his; The Devil’s Backbone and The Orphanage, which I just watched over the weekend. It’s amazing; people always die in his films, the good guys, not the bad ones, but he has a way of making it so beautiful somehow. Love, love, love. So, if you’re planning out your weekend and looking for a few good movies to rent, check out my man del Toro. Here’s a list of his movies, past, present and future, on IMDB.

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