Friday, January 30, 2009


I think we all know by now that I’m almost offended by my ordinariness. Sometimes, I daydream that I have a superpower, even more now that I’ve become a fan of the show Heroes.
I can waste a fairly large portion of my day pondering which superpower I’d like to have.
Flying could be cool; but then, when I go outside and realize how cold it is on the ground, and how much colder it would be in the air, my interest wanes. Telepathy? Attractive at first, but then you realize that there would be no question as to what people are really thinking about you.
Invisibility? I don’t know how helpful this would be, unless you’re planning some kind of illicit activity. Self-healing? That would probably be good for me; I do hurt myself quite a bit, and restrict myself from doing things because I know I’m going to break something. Super-speed? That one could work; I'd save money on gas, at least!
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Beware the sound of crying children, watch out for the barmaids, and whatever you do, don't let the Pegasus spit on you.
Surviving Serendipity--


Regan Black said...

Do you think flying in a snow suit would be as restricting as playing in that puffy snow suit was as a kid?


Regan Black said...

My super power is NOT linking slide shows to my blog. But I vow to learn! Bwah, hahaha


Iris said...

For my mom's benefit, I will say self-healing. However, I would really like to take different shapes. Think BeastBoy from Teen Titans but cooler and more natural-looking. (i.e. not all green alien-looking things)

Jacquelyn Sylvan said...

Oooh, shapeshifting's a good one, actually! I think I like that. And I think that the snowsuit would be just as restricting, and probably not very aerodynamic!

Regan Black said...

We vote for super teleporting powers! No traffic tie ups and you can be at the beach like - snap -that!

Krista said...

I have the power to see into the future - or at least able to reason where a decision will lead. But the problem with superpowers is that noone else believes in them! So I want the power to be blissfully ignorant. =)