Wednesday, January 14, 2009


On Saturday night, a special lunar event was happening; the moon, by some trick of perception that scientists aren’t even able to fully explain, appeared larger than at any other time during 2009. At least, I think it did. We were having a big nasty blizzard here, so I didn’t get to see it.
Am I weird for liking the fact that the scientists can’t explain the phenomenon? I write fantasy and supernatural thrillers, and in order to do my job right (or, at least, this is what I tell myself) I sort of have to believe in dragons and unicorns and, well, magic.
I got a t-shirt right before Christmas that I haven’t even worn yet; it says, “Magic is all the stuff science hasn’t made boring yet.” Here’s hoping they fail to explain a lot more in the future.
Oh, and since I missed this particular astronomical event, I searched some of the others coming up in 2009. My favorites are:
Meteor Showers: April 21-22, May 5-6, July 28-29, August 12-13, October 21-22, November 17-18, December 13-14
Lunar Eclipses: July 7, August 6,
July 1, 2009) — Uranus stationary (yes, I am incredibly immature)The body appears motionless in the sky due to the turning point between its direct and retrograde motion.

Haven’t read Surviving Serendipity? What are you waiting for?

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