Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flake Out

Wow, I completely forgot today was Wednesday. And now I'm sitting here at 7:43 in the morning (thankfully, this is a late-start day for me at work) trying to compose a blog in ten minutes.
At least my week wasn't all that exciting. Took my car to get serviced before our big road trip this weekend (see tomorrow's blog for details!), watched the Oscars, enlisted the help of two technical support agents to convince my Blackberry to start receiving emails again, that sort of thing.
But, I can certainly tell you that next week's blog will not only be better-planned, but more exciting...again, tune in tomorrow for details!

Beware the sound of crying children, watch out for the barmaids, and whatever you do, don't let the Pegasus spit on you.
Surviving Serendipity--

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