Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From Bad To Worse:

Dear Diary,

Things are starting to get damn serious. A few days ago, I caught my first glimpse of an Eid Gomen, one of the creatures Halryan says are trying to destroy the world. I can’t even write it down, I’m still so freaked out, but let’s just say that glimpse was a revelation and a half.

There was a really bad accident with Koen, too. One that made me realize just how isolated we are. If someone gets hurt or sick, there isn’t anyone to call for help. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so small or alone.

Also, it seems that Halryan was right. I do have—God, this is so crazy to write!—magical abilities. I can heal myself, move things with my mind, and a bunch of other stuff that’s harder to describe. Like seeing faraway or invisible things, throwing up shields. It’s insane. I really wish I was dreaming all this up, but I have to admit, my mind is not whacked enough to come up with this crap.

So now we’re on our way to meet the faeries. Yes, the faeries, I said faeries, I still can’t believe I’m talking about faeries. And from what I’m getting so far, I have a feeling they’re not going to be buzzing around on cute little butterfly wings.


P.S. Found out my real name. I’d write it here, but then I’d have to burn the page. Absolutely foul. If it wasn’t for bad luck…

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Regan Black said...

Such is the life of a fantasy princess. Poor June - hang in there baby!