Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three reviews, one blog!

I read four books and one short story in the past week. (Yes, I know, I’m a freak.)
The first book was Sam Morton’s Disavowed.

It’s a crime drama, which is not something I’d usually pick up and stay with, but—I loved it. There was a real humanity in the book which I think is missing from most other books in the genre. The main word I keep thinking of in connection with his book is honest. In addition to having an action-packed plot, it delves really deeply into the racial issues that still plague our country.

Next, I read Regan Black’s Pixie Chicks, a short story only available in eBook format. Now that was a fun read, and the first of hopefully many stories featuring Brianna, Austin, Claire, and Lana, four high school band “geeks” dubbed the Pixie Chicks. I think fans of Libba Bray and Meg Cabot will especially enjoy this series. Click here to download from Fictionwise.

The third was a book called The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.

I was enthralled by page 19, and by the end, my cheeks were actually flushed. The sequel comes out in September, and I just can’t wait. Katniss is one of those characters you connect with instantly and find yourself thinking about as you try to fall asleep that night.

The fourth—well, we’ll take the old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” and apply it here. Major letdown. If you can’t deal with not knowing, though, email me at jacquelynsylvan@sylvaniamaniaDOTcom, and I’ll tell you. Being an author, I just can’t conscience blasting someone’s book publicly.

Here's what's on my upcoming to-read list:

Hunted (House of Night, Book 5) -The fifth enstallment of P.C. and Kristen Cast's House of Night series. Anyone know if this is the last one? Came out March 10.
The Forest of Hands and Teeth -A new novel I've been hearing a lot of buzz about. Post-apocalyptic-zombie novel, but with several plot twists that look like they'll be setting this book apart. Just released last weekend.
City of Glass (Mortal Instruments) -The third book in Cassandra Clare's series. Interestingly enough, she got her start doing Harry Potter fan fic! Releases March 24.
Fell -Second book in David Clement-Davies The Sight series. I got a pleasant shock when I realized I'd picked up one of his books a few years ago in a used bookstore, and loved it. About psychic wolves, from the wolves' perspective.
Exodus -I seem to really be into the post-apocalypse scene (now, if only I could spell 'apocalypse' on the first try!). This is another one, but where the seas rise up and take over the Earth. Recommended by Sam Morton!

And of course, if you’re still looking for something to read, you can check out Surviving Serendipity!

Beware the sound of crying children, watch out for the barmaids, and whatever you do, don't let the Pegasus spit on you.
Surviving Serendipity--


Iris Black said...

Neat! I love the P.C. Cast House of Night Series. I completely missed the release of the new book. I guess I'll have to talk Regan into driving me down to Barnes & Noble this weekend! Also, an excellent chance to check the status of a few other series as well...


Mary Cunningham said...

Can't wait to read Disavowed by Sam Morton!

Ooooh. Wonder what the 3rd book is? I'm with you. Hate to slam other authors. Better left unsaid.

nina said...

Very good ideas, thanks :)

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