Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Assembly Required

Wow, what a weekend. M and I got up nice and early Saturday morning to go to Ikea with my mom, Danny and Michael, where we ended up buying a really low priced, but really LARGE, wardrobe for the bedroom. (Ikea is the only place where we end up making impulse purchases of a few hundred dollars. Ack.) Saturday night we hung at Danny and Michael’s, and we celebrated his birthday by playing many, many games. It was a fun night; my husband even let loose a little!

Sunday. Well, as anyone who’s ever shopped at Ikea knows, what is purchased…must be put together. This was me, at around 2:30….

And here’s the finished product, the big monster furniture thing in the far corner, at around 7.

Of course, not all of that was putting together; I also had to move all my stuff off and out of my old dresser, move old dresser outside, put new one in, put all my stuff in…you’ve got the picture. So, since I’m exhausted…I’m going to go shower and veg on the couch for a while. Catch ya later!

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