Friday, April 3, 2009

The Universe Speaks:

Since I'm at kind of a crossroads in my professional life, I went and got my Tarot cards read, to get a little help from the universe.

The woman who read my cards, Pat, was excellent. Right away she picked up on the fact that I'd recently 'broken' with someone (read: agent) and that I'd made the right choice. She also said that I was on the right path, and something that was 'in the works now,' (Kensington, I hope!) would probably be very fruitful.

I also got my butt reamed for not listening to and developing my intuition. Oh, and I need to listen to my spirit guides, who, unusually, have never existed on the 'earth plane.' Which is kind of cool. I mean, come on, celestial beings vs. dead people? I'm way down with the celestials.

Overall, it was very comforting, since she was dead-on with a lot of things, and says that everything is going to work out very successfully for me. And I've already started my homework; I just ordered a set of runes for intuition developing and plan to have a nice long chat with my spirit guides before I go to bed. (Apparently, they speak to me in my dreams-true, because one of my mss's was inspired by a dream I had.)


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