Monday, May 18, 2009

Brunching with Readers

Sorry about last week’s interruption in the blogs; sometimes life just isn’t convenient to blogging.
I’m back on track this week, though, and have a very nice author event to tell you about. The slate plaque/pen holder you see above was my gift from the Bangor Public Library, for participating in their biannual Brunch with the Author program.

At times, it can be more uncomfortable to address a small group than a large one, but that certainly wasn’t the case here. I was made very welcome from the start, and there was no “pressure to perform.” It was also very nice to be able to tell the attendees that the book we were discussing was written just a few blocks from where we were sitting, since before moving to Palmerton we lived on the same street as the library. And, ya know, they fed me and gave me presents.

So thanks to Melanie, who set the event up, and the awesome library staff and Friends of the Library members who made me welcome and fed me homemade goodies. I had a great time!

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