Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A bad beginning...but a happy ending

After an absolutely horrendous day at work, I came home to find two wonderful surprises waiting for me in my inbox.
First, not only was my novel, Surviving Serendipity, finally posted on Fictionwise.com, but, out of 408 new eBooks uploaded to the site this week, I was one of ten authors mentioned in Fictionwise's email newsletter. Yay!
The second...I got my first official fan letter today. By official, I mean not a friend or relative or the friend or relative of a friend or relative. An almost complete stranger named Sarah, who I met at the South Caroline Book Festival last month. I am now, according to her, officially one of her favorite authors.
Sarah, I can't tell you how much you made my year. Being an author is hard work, and it feels like trying to run on a treadmill set on top speed most of the time. You run and run and run to keep up, knowing that if you stop, even for a moment, you'll fall off. Thanks to Sarah, I remembered why I'm doing this.

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