Sunday, March 16, 2008

proudly presenting...june

I just watched a movie called "The Invisible." The ending was horrible, one of those endings that colors the entire movie., and ordinarily, I'd be extremely P.O.ed that I just wasted two hours of my life (and I don't have that much time to spare) on a crappy movie.
I'm actually pretty happy, though, because I answered a question that many, many people have asked me, and that I've asked myself since I first began writing "Surviving Serendipity." If the book ever made it to the big screen, who would play June?

Meet my "June," aka actress Margarita Levieva. Yes I know, her eyes aren't blue, but I'm telling you, after seeing her act today...that's her.
So, if you're out there, Margarita...I'll have a script for you in a few months, I hope!
And if you haven't gotten a chance to read "Surviving Serendipity" yet, head over to now to check it out!

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