Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Strange (and Wonderful) Signing Event

Had a great signing today at the Waldenbooks in the Stroud Mall. Got a few more copies of Surviving Serendipity out into the hands of readers, and had some rather strange experiences, as well.
The second one was merely amusing, when a man traded me an orange golf ball for one of my bookmarks. I plan to keep this as a memento of the wonderful people I meet.
The first one, however, was definitely stranger. Everyone I've told about this so far has been shocked I didn't get angry; I was, however, so amused that reacting angrily didn't even occur to me until several minutes later. A woman entered the bookstore, and I offered her a bookmark. She took it, smiled at me, whacked me hard in the arm with it, and walked on into the store without a word.
People are so very strange.

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